When your labor day arrives, you will be ready to meet it head on. You will know how best to ease into the new sensations of the contracting uterus and moving baby. You'll be well-supported as you cope with the changing sensations and as your baby moves down and out into the world.  To assist you, I will bring a birthing tub, TENS Unit and an array of other tools and help your partner soothe and comfort you.

Cost: $2,000 (Includes labor tub for your home or hospital, TENS Unit and back-up doula payment)


What’s included in my Birth Doula Care service?

2 prenatal meetings:  I will visit you in your home or a place where you feel most comfortable. During these visits we will check in, talk about your birth options and any concerns or questions you may have, practice labor support techniques that will help during your labor and discuss the needs ofthe postpartum months. This is a time for us to connect and build trust and build both excitement and confidence about your upcoming birth. 

During your labor:  I will come to your home (or hospital or wherever you may be) when you decide you are in need of support. I will remain with youthroughout your labor. During this time, we'll use all the measures we have practiced – massage, music, gentle movement, water, counter pressure and other techniques to reduce pain and give you strength. Whenever and wherever possible, I will help your partner be your primary support provider, giving him or her ideas, tips and assistance..

Immediate Postpartum:   I stay with you until your baby has eaten and your family is ready for some alone time with baby -- generally 1 to 2 hours after birth. I generally make a visit to the home, birth center or hospital within 48 hours of your birth. During this visit I'll check in, work on breastfeeding positions, answer questions and otherwise make sure you, your partner and your baby are transitioning into your new family life as smoothly as possible. A second postpartum meeting with be scheduled within the first few weeks. You'll be encouraged to call any time if you need extra support.

Back-up: A portion of your birth service fee will be paid to a skilled certified doula partner in case she is required to attend your birth. Emergencies come up – none of us isimmune from the little surprises life throws at parents and families. While it is extremely rare that I would be unable to get to you in a timely fashion, I will  be sure a high quality doula is at your side until I can get there.

Disclaimer:  Nesting Instincts Doulas offer information on childbirth and a variety of other topics and is designed for educational purposes only.  You should and we expect our clients not rely on this information as a substitute for, or as a replacement to, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other health-care professionals.