Resources for New Seattle Parents

The best parents are those who access to the information and services they need to help their children thrive. Whether you are a brand new parent or welcoming siblings to your family, the following resources may be helpful.

The Penny Simkin Channel

Childbirth education and doula pioneer Penny Simkin offers short segments on birth-related topics ranging from global maternity care trends to helping a grandmother prepare to attend the birth of her grandchild, to the value of rhythm as an indicator of coping with labor pain, to tips for expectant parents for communicating with staff about a care plan, to basic care decisions that lead to the most appropriate care options for each person. For more videos click here: The Penny Simkin Channel

Books on Childbirth & Parenting We Highly Recommend

DVDs on Childbirth We Highly Recommend

Interactive Birth Plan Tools

Count Your Baby's Kicks Starting in 3rd Trimester

Counting kicks is easy to do.  It's important too! It’s a great way to bond with your baby. Most importantly, it could save your baby’s life. When you start your 3rd trimester, it’s time to start counting. To learn more and access a kick counter, go to Count the

Baby Proofing Your Home

Safety for Toddlers helps new parents become aware of possible dangers to baby and take steps to prevent accidents or injury; (425) 487-3460;

 Birth Doulas

  • Pals Doulas Referral Service offers referral to fee-based certified doulas as well as low cost or free doulas; (206) 329-7257;· allows new parents to review doula profiles, read reviews, and compare costs and training;
  • DONA International hooks parents up with DONA-certified doulas:
  • Open Arms Perinatal Services offers free doula care for low-income women; (206) 723-6868;;

Breastfeeding Support & Breast Pump Rental

  •  La Leche League of Washington: group support for nursing mothers;
  • Beyond Birth Seattle offers clinic, home visit lactation support and drop in group support;
  • Nurturing Expressions: IBCLC consultants; (206) 763-2733;
  • Krystal Silva, ND: (206) 409-6406;
  • Sound Breastfeeding: IBCLC, RLC-certified lactation consultant; (206) 225-8295;
  • Cathering Fenner / Nurture New Life: IBCLC-certified lactation consultant: (206) 920-3084;
  • Second 9 Months: IBCLC-certified lactation consultant: (206) 356-7252;
  • Village Maternity: (206) 523-5167; 2615 NE University Village St, Seattle;
  • The Lytle Center for Pregnancy & Newborns: IBCLC support; 206) 215-9853;
  • Milk Share: Breast milk donation and sharing;

Birth Site Information: Hospitals, Birth Centers, and Home Birth

 Great Starts Guide offers comprehensive information about all options for birth care providers (certified professional midwives, certified nurse midwives and obstetricians) and birthplace (hospital, home or birth center); download the pdf at

Baby Clothing & Car Seat Support

  • Baby Cupboard offers nutritional support, clothing and diapers to families in need; (206) 694-6722;
  • Wellspring Family Services Baby Boutique offers new parents in need baby clothing, diapers, formula and other vital gear; (206) 826.3050;
  • Westside Baby offers free infant car seats and other gear for those in need (206) 767-1662;

Cranial Sacral Therapy for Babies (to address breastfeeding and other concerns)

Tina Dos Santos, LMT, CD, CPD;

Early Intervention, Testing and Questions About Child Development

Center for Human Development and Disability at University of Washington provides diagnosis, assessment and management plans for children at risk for neurodevelopmental delays or disabilities; (206) 589-9246;


Emergency Medical & Medical Advice

  • Emergency police, fire or emergency medical care: Call 911
  • Washington Poison Center Hotline:  1 (800) 222-1222
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital Emergency Room:  (206) 987-8899 or 1 (866) 987-8899; 4800 Sandpoint Way N.E., Seattle.
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital Resource Line: (206) 987-2000

Emergency Babycare

Family Health Hotline

ParentHelp123’s Family Health Hotline helps parents find local resources and services like food banks, parent support groups, play and learn groups for your kids, low-cost health clinics, free birth control, and more; 1-800-322-2588;


  • Fathers Network support for fathers caring for their children with special needs. (425) 653-4286;
  • DADS assists fathers in developing a sense of self, family and community responsibility through education, effective parenting, mentoring and partnering; (206) 722-3137;

Aid (Financial and Otherwise) to Families

 Food Support

  Food Lifeline offers families in need food pantries, food banks and hot meal programs; (206) 545-6600; 4011 6th Avenue S., Seattle;

 Fussy Baby Support

The Fussy Baby Network at Cooper House offers the Fussy Baby Warmline, information and support for parents with concerns about a very fussy baby; (206) 906-9622;

 Infant Safety

 New Parents Support Groups

  • PEPS (Program for New Parent Support) offers volunteer led newborn parent support groups. Moms and couples groups available. PEPS also offers Baby Peppers for parents of babies 5 to 12 months of age, and Little Peppers for families with two children under age 3;
  • Bringing Baby Home. This research-packed program will help both parents better understand their role with baby, what changes and challenges to expect once baby is home and how to focus on keeping the couple relationship strong during the stressfull transition to parenthood. Scroll down the page to Washington for workshops:
  • Listening Mothers offers new parents support groups led by professional therapists. Explore the emotional experience of the early parent-child relationship. Groups include up to seven moms, and their babies.

Parenting Information and Support

  • Family Help Line at Parent Trust: For parents who need support, information, referral to support groups and other resources. (206) 233-0139. Resource database at
  • Children’s Home Society of Washington offer parents many support services, designed to help the whole family succeed at low or no cost; (206) 695-3200;
  • Puget Sound Adlerian Society posts The Parenting Calendar updated quarterly with parenting classes throughout Seattle.
  • Children’s Hospital Resource Line provides basic health information: (206) 526-2500
  • Crisis Line hosts a 24-hour phone support for any personal/family crisis. (206) 461-3222
  • Within Reach Referral Line provides information about public health services, free or low cost medical coverage, pregnancy testing, prenatal care, health care providers, WIC food and nutrition program, referral to lactation consultants, free or low cost immunizations, birth control information, smoking cessation programs, and resources for families of children with special needs. 1 (800) 322-2588;
  • Wellspring Family Services offers new parents a wide range of support services; (206) 826.3050; 1900 Rainier Avenue South
  • Seattle;

Postpartum Depression Support

  • Postpartum Support International of Washington: 24-hour hotline for women and families who may be experiencing postpartum depression or related issues: 1 (800) 404.7763;
  • PPD Support Group at Community Birth & Family Center; (425) 450-0332

Postpartum Doula Support

Parenting Coaches & Consultants

Grow Parenting offers parenting coaching, classes and other events provided by clinical social workers and experienced parent educators; (206) 726-3628;