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What Clients Say About Cheryl in LA & Seattle

Jen and Eduardo

I found Cheryl through a friend's recommendation and knew right away that she would be a great fit for my husband and I. She clearly had tons of experience as a doula, but it was her warm, encouraging, and personal demeanor that sold us. From the beginning I was impressed with how much she listened and seemed to really understand what kind of birth experience we were after. She also did a great job of coaching my husband and including him in the process. Like many women, my experience was completely the opposite of what I'd planned. I had a very hard labor lasting over 40 hours and Cheryl was by my side through all of it. After the birth, my daughter needed an extended hospital stay because of an infection, and Cheryl followed up constantly to make sure that we were all okay. Once we were home she celebrated with us and even made us soup! Her support through a rocky lactation period was also invaluable. I can't imagine hiring anyone else if we ever take this journey again. Cheryl is fantastic and loving and extremely knowledgable. I was honored for her to be a part of my daughter's birth.

Sarah & Telle

My partner and I were preparing for a planned c-section. We had originally interviewed doulas thinking we would be having a natural birth, but when we found out she had placenta previa (which requires a planned c-section), we were prepared to go into the experience without a doula. We are SO GLAD we changed our minds and worked with Cheryl! She helped us tremendously in the weeks leading up to the birth to advocate for what we wanted in the operating room. Because of Cheryl, we were able to make what might have felt like a medical "procedure" feel more like a special occasion where we were in control. She had a quiet, comforting presence that empowered us to create the experience that we wanted and worked really well with the hospital staff in order to make it a successful birth for us. We knew through Cheryl to specifically request certain things in our birth plan, like: being able to touch the baby right when she came out, rather than allowing the doctors to do numerous unnecessary checks on her and clean her up before bringing her to us; Cheryl was able to be in the OR with me and my partner because we made a special request of the doctors (at Cheryl's suggestion) and that was truly special - she talked us through each and every step of what was happening (while the docs were busy) and helped us get breastfeeding going within moments of our daughter's birth. Overall, we were extremely happy with Cheryl's doula services and are so glad we worked with her for the c-section birth of our beautiful daughter! We recommend her highly to anyone considering a doula's services in their birth plan.

Jennifer & Dan

Cheryl is truly a superhero - she was strong and loving and sweet through 20+ hours of extensive back labor, through hospital transfer, through 3 hrs of attempted vaginal delivery, and through the necessary cesarian.  She was by my side the entire time, even in the operating room.  Then, when my 2-day old baby had to quickly go to the NICU for high bilirubin levels (jaundice), she VOLUNTEERED to accompany us there!  She was reassuring and informed during the NICU treatment, and for the transfer from NICU to the floor, she became a fierce advocate.  We were treated pretty terribly on the floor - I was very post-op but not given anywhere to lie down, the nurse didn't even begin treatment of our baby - and Cheryl, through a brilliant combination of brains, willpower, and not-taking-any-shit, ensured we were moved to a better room.  SHE turned on the treatment lights when the nurse was neglectful!  She called everyone at the hospital she could find until we were treated appropriately and humanely.  I love her so much for being protective and smart and caring when we were at our most vulnerable.

Christine & Joe

My husband I interviewed 3 doulas, Cheryl was the first. After the interview we looked and each other and said, "Do we need to interview the others"... she felt like a GREAT fit for us. We did, and it became clearer after each interview, Cheryl was our number one choice. As many births go, mine was not how I dreamed it would go. I planned for a hospital birth, hoping to do most of my laboring at home and unmedicated. I ended up at the hospital sooner than expected because my water broke and labor was stalled. As the Doctors started planning interventions, Cheryl was there every step of the way to suggest alternatives. To my surprise, the doctors seemed very open to all of her suggestions and we tried them. We got out for a power walk after being checking into the hospital, she brought in a great birthing tub that replaced the sad jacuzzi tubs in the hospital rooms and she kept me moving and distracted but still present. Because of her background, knowledge and time in the doula world, she was able to make my experience one that I could not have imagined any other way. She was also an amazing support for my husband as well. She guided him in a way that gave him the confidence to be an active part of my labor. Together, the 3 of us were an amazing "team" that brought my baby girl into this world! If you are looking for a no nonsense, forward thinking, reliable, passionate and genuine doula, Cheryl Murfin is just that. And she'll make you great soup too.


Cheryl was an amazing wealth of knowledge and support. I truly believe I would not have had the natural birth experience that I wanted without Cheryl by my side and my husband holding my hand and doing what he could to help me. We made an awesome team but I made it through because Cheryl fully supported my decision to have a natural birth and did everything in her power to keep me focused on attaining that goal. Her pain management skills are incredible; she truly does have an endless bag of tricks which kept my contractions as comfortable as they could be. Her demeanor is calm, cool and collected. When I started to lose focus and panic she would remind that I could do it and it would be over shortly and soon I would be holding my beautiful baby boy. I also appreciated the way she coached my husband to help me. My husband and I both whole heartedly agree that hiring Cheryl was money well spent. Our birth went so smoothly and we will definitely be calling her when we deliver our second child!!!!!!!! 


Cheryl was one of the best decisions we made throughout the pregnancy.  When we found out that we were expecting, I knew that I wanted to have the baby as naturally as possible but was worried about whether I could handle the pain.  I also knew that there were a lot of unknowns about the whole process and wanted my husband to have as much support as possible.  Once we found Cheryl and she agreed to be our doula, apprehension about the labor process decreased - I knew that we would be in good hands with her calm demeanor and wealth of knowledge.  She met with us to practice some of the techniques we would be using during labor.  When my labor finally started (two weeks late!), she helped me through eight hours of intense contractions without any medication.  With her there, I knew I could just focus on giving birth and follow her directions.  She also made sure that I stayed well-hydrated and energized, which was so important.  The hospital staff commented repeatedly about how amazing my support team was, and they were right. Thanks, Cheryl, for helping us bring home our 8lb baby girl!


Cheryl was recommended to me by a friend, and upon our first meeting, I knew she was our doula.  She is professional, caring, supportive, honest, and goes way above and beyond the call of duty to care for women and their partners before, during, and after their birth.  Cheryl met with us several times while I was pregnant and we talked extensively about our wishes for our birth experience.  She was very perceptive about our needs, and one time just took me on a nice walk around the block and talked to me as a friend would.  She took the time to get to know us long before I was in labor.  Words cannot express how much we needed her when it came time for my daughter's birth.  I had to be induced, and Cheryl was with us every step of the way.  All 50 hours of my labor Cheryl hardly left my side.  I remember, at one point during the experience, grabbing her hand and telling her, "I don't know what I would do if you weren't here".  She gave support to my husband, helped mediate between my midwife's information and suggstions and ourbirth plan, and she even took pictures, capturing the moment our daughter finally arrived.  One of her most important gifts was as a lactation consultant.  She helped me a lot with breastfeeding, and I am still nursing my daughter over a year later.  I am in awe of Cheryl's service to women and their families.  I would highly recommend her as a doula and lactation consultant, and postpartum doula. 



What Clients Say About Tina in Seattle


Tina was compassionate and understanding throughout my difficult pregnancy and challenging birthing experience, taking time to truly understand me and my journey to motherhood. She took care of all of me - Mind, Body and Spirit. 


Tina was an absolute blessing during the birth of my first child. As a newly expectant mother, I was bombarded with information about various birth methods and procedures, and was at a loss to make sense of it all. Tina did an amazing job walking me through the birth process in the months leading up to my due date. I decided to deliver at a hospital. I credit Tina with the fact that I was able to have a 100% natural childbirth and never even thought of asking for an epidural or drugs. Her suggestions and support (both emotional and physical...there were points when she was literally holding me up!) were invaluable. Labor was swift (8 hours) and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl with no complications. I would hire her in a heartbeat for the birth of any future children!


To sum Tina up in one word: Vital. She helped both my husband and I process exactly what we wanted for our birth, simultaneously acting as counselor, sounding board, comedian, massage/craniosacral therapist, liaison and more. She gave me the freedom to focus just on laboring. 


Tina was there for the separate births of our two daughters. Not only did she comfort and coach my wife throughout the delivery processes, but she also took care of things when I needed a break. She made sure to take accurate notes about our wishes well in advance of the hospital visits, and stepped in when she needed to convey them to the staff. On top of all her professional skills, she's a compassionate and wonderful person who really loves her work. We hightly recommend her doula services to expecting couples in the Seattle area.


Tina is a fantastic doula who works with you to figure out what you need and want. On top of that, she is kind, funny, charming, witty and just plain awesome! 


Tina was our savior with our twin baby boys! She is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, caring and supportive. She taught us all the 'tricks' of caring for twins and I cannot recommend her enough. We will always cherish her wonderfully positive spirit and presence in our home during such an intense and emotional time. 

Sheila and David

As new parents of triplets, one of which had Down syndrome, we appreciated Tina's experience, flexibility, support and ability to anticipate our special needs before we could. Additionally, her ability to adapt to our ever-changing needs over the years, has been particularly helpful. I can't say enough about Tina and what she has meant to our family. We don't know what we would have done without her. 


At first I wondered if hiring Tina was the best use of my money and now not only do I consider her the best money I've ever spent, we don't know what we would have done without her. 


We hired Tina to help us with the birth of our first child (a girl!).  From pre-labor help defining our birth plan to post-partum visits, her availability to assist with various questions, and her excellent records of the birth, Tina was invaluable.   She is sympathetic and very knowledgeable.  We especially valued her assistance during labor - as new parents, we were seeking a great coach, and Tina definitely came through for us.  She seemed to know just the right time to try a new coping technique.   She was a great part of the team - she worked well with the Swedish hospital nurses and doctor, and really helped my husband and I focus on labor / our new baby instead of trying to figure out what to do next or how to order more apple juice!  No detail was too small for Tina to take care of, and we felt fortunate to have her expert assistance.  


Tina is an amazing doula.  I had a difficult subsequent pregnancy after a recent 2nd tri pregnancy loss of our twins. 

Tina was compassionate and understanding throughout my pregnancy and birthing experience.  She took the time to really understand me as well as my journey to motherhood.  Her calm and sincere coaching helped give me the strength to birth my daughter quickly when her heart rate was dropping significantly.  My daughter went directly to the NICU and Tina stayed with me the entire time.  She also took time to honor the twins we had lost.  She took care of all of me Mind, Body and Spirit.

I highly recommend Tina as a doula.  She is knowledgable, compassionate, as well as an all around beautiful person.


Tina was my doula for the birth of my twins.  She was wonderful!  With her help and my hubby I was able to have a natural childbirth with twins (about 45 minutes apart).   She was very patient, kind, resourceful and encouraging.  I would definately recommend her!  Thanks again Tina!


Tina was a wonderful Doula, we used her for both my children ages 4 and 1 now.  She is very patient and helpful!   She supports all the parents decisions and goes with the flow.  She was very calming (especially for husbands :))  We love Tina and would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a wonderful and caring Doula.